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Charlie horse t shirt. Live pink bleed orange t shirt.

Charlie Horse T Shirt

charlie horse t shirt

    charlie horse
  • A charley horse is a popular North American colloquial term for painful spasms or cramps in the leg muscles, typically lasting anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours.

  • Lamb Chop's Play-Along is a children's television series filmed in Beverly Hills, California and Vancouver that was shown on PBS in the United States from 1992 until 1997, as well as on YTV in Canada. 200 episodes of the show were produced.

  • Equine Leg Cramps: Charlie Horse

    t shirt
  • jersey: a close-fitting pullover shirt

  • A T-shirt (T shirt or tee) is a shirt which is pulled on over the head to cover most of a person's torso. A T-shirt is usually buttonless and collarless, with a round neck and short sleeves.

  • T Shirt is a 1976 album by Loudon Wainwright III. Unlike his earlier records, this (and the subsequent 'Final Exam') saw Wainwright adopt a full blown rock band (Slowtrain) - though there are acoustic songs on T-Shirt, including a talking blues.

  • A short-sleeved casual top, generally made of cotton, having the shape of a T when spread out flat

Intl Gay Rodeo Association

Intl Gay Rodeo Association

Gay Rodeo History
It is a huge surprise to many that the gay community is involved in rodeo, but this being America and the fact that all of us are intrigued with our Western heritage, it only adds to the reality "We are everywhere!"

The gay community has found many creative ways to become involved with America in efforts to overcome the walls of prejudice. The "Imperial Court" system, which is active in many cities across America, asked their "Empress and Emperor" to raise money for charity. It was felt that raising money for the "Muscular Dystrophy Association" would make a statement for both our existence and our concern for our neighbors.

Reno Gay Rodeos
Emperor I of Reno, Phil Ragsdale, came up with one of the most creative ideas to raise funds. The year was 1975 and Ragsdale wanted to help out the local Senior Citizens Annual Thanksgiving Day feed. An amateur gay rodeo would be fun, raise money, and even erase a lot of gay stereotyping. Ragsdale did not find it easy to pull off this event. He did finally land the Washoe County Fairgrounds for October 2, 1976 and then could not get any local ranchers to allow gays the use of their animals. Finally, on October 1, 1976, he was able to locate five "wild" range cows, ten "wild" range calves, one pig, and a Shetland pony. The next day, "IT WAS RODEO TIME!" Over 125 people took part in this "first" event and the winners were crowned; first, "King of the Cowboys," second, "Queen of the Cowgirls," and third, "Miss Dusty Spurs" (the drag queen). It was great fun and a minor success.
Ragsdale added several new twists to the 1977 version of this rodeo/fundraiser. He founded the Comstock Gay Rodeo Association and his rodeo project became the National Reno Gay Rodeo. Following the Imperial Court's lead, Ragsdale added the "Mr., Ms., and Miss National Reno Gay Rodeo" contest to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

The 1977 rodeo, although still small, with its new twists donated $214.00 to MDA under the name of "Reno Gay Liberation." The National Reno Gay Rodeo became a total new outlet for the gay community and created a dual party, "emerging Gay Liberation mixed into a Country/Western party" and "24-hour casinos." Dance troupes from the gay community found an arena to show off their stuff. Square dancing, clogging, formation line dancing, and the rebirth of the two-step made the nights into fabulous parties!

By 1980 a group out of California, the "Pacific Coast Gay Rodeo Association," had emerged with talented rodeo contestants. Fresno, California and Utah had presented some of the top contenders for the Mr., Ms., and Miss titles. Gay rodeo, and the parties surrounding the event, had gained a great foothold in America. Texas was the big state in 1981, bringing a host of fans in Texas T-shirts, a hot contender for All-Around Cowboy, and Mr., Ms., and Miss contestants, who by the way raised nearly $40,000 for MDA. The Miss from Texas won the competition for Miss National Reno Gay Rodeo. With San Francisco only a short drive away, the underground gay network spread the word about this "party" and the audience in the grandstands grew to 10,000. Those who only came for the nightlife swelled the head count of gays in the city to over 40,000!

1982 was dominated by Colorado and brought another change to Ragsdale's rodeo: contestants who wanted standardized rodeo rules so they would feel that they were competing on an equal basis. Many contestants from the previous five years did not return for competition. The Mr., Ms., and Miss National Reno Gay Rodeo contestants were no longer comfortable raising large numbers of dollars just for MDA. Texas in particular was disappointed in this area and decided not to return in 1983.

So 1983's version of Mr., Ms., and Miss National Reno Gay Rodeo allowed contestants to designate 50% to MDA and 50% to a gay-related charity of their choice. Most chose the AIDS Foundation. 1983 also saw the largest number of dance groups ever assembled at a gay rodeo and the grandstands filled with over 12,000 people. The lack of consistent rules continued to create problems in the arena.

By 1984, the ninth and final National Reno Gay Rodeo still brought over 10,000 people to the rodeo grounds and thousands more to Reno for the gambling and nighttime parties. The IRS credits the demise of this rodeo to a dispute with Washoe County Fairgrounds and the Sands Hotel along with the purported seizure of the rodeo books. Nonetheless, Phil Ragsdale had made a major mark on gay history and introduced the renowned Rose Maddox and Joan Rivers to the emerging gay-Western lifestyle and kindled the flame in the hearts of many men and women scattered across the nation.

The Colorado Connection
Across the nation, the gay community began to set the tone for the "Urban Cowboy&qu

G.N. Moses

G.N. Moses


Life Story of One of the Bravest Men Who Ever Tramped Across the
Santa Fe Trail; an Early Barton County Pioneer

GEO. N. MOSES was the tenth of a family of 14 children, seven boys and seven girls. The oldest member of the family died when but a few years of age. George was the youngest of the four brothers who went to the defense of their country when the civil war broke out. The two youngest brothers, Charles of Chicago and E. R. of this city were too young though Charlie, the oldest of the two ran off twice to join the army but was returned home each time. George Moses was born in Olean, New York State April 15. 1844. He died in Great Bend, September 10, 1911. When he was eleven years of age the family moved to Illinois and later moved aga!n to the frontier state of Missouri, locating in Sedalia. The father was a mason and the older boys followed this trade in their younger days. George was just attaining manhood when the civil war broke out and he joined Company I, 15th Illinois Infantry though his older brothers tried to prevent this because of his youth and later with his brother, R. H, re-enlisted, both joining Company C, 146th Illinois infantry.

After the war he saw service in the border war in Missouri, against the bushwhackers. As member of what was known as the Jim Turley gang under command of Capt. Montgomery, hardly a day passed but what they had exciting adventures. This company was composed of about thirty men all expert horsemen and dead shots and their duties consisted principally of chasing down the guerillas of the rebel army who were raiding all parts of Missouri where northern sympathizers lived.

When the war was over he was still a young man, just entering manhood. A man with a reputation of being able to take care of himself under any circumstances and a man whose word could be depended upon. He was of a roving disposition at that time and Missouri was becoming too well settled. He wanted to get out into the world as his brothers had done before the war. Striking out for himself he came to Kansas, hunted buffalo all over this section of the state, wandering over the mountains through Colorado and down into New Mexico. Then he returned to Colorado and met John Tilton of this city in the Gunnison country, stayed there awhile and they returned to Kansas and were working near Salina when a man came out from Salina to get G. N. to guide them to a fit place in this part of the country for the location of a townslte, it being known that he had hunted all over this section and down through the Medicine Lodge and Texas cattle country. A company of Quincy, Ill., citizens had determined to locate a town on the Santa Fe railroad which was building through Kansas and wanted to beat the railroad company to it. G. N. guided them to this section and they located the town as it stands. Fort Zarah at that time had two or three stores and a general colony and the railroad company resenting the efforts of outsiders to start a town instead of their obtaining the townsite attempted to break Great Bend but Great Bend outlasted them all.

He was the first sheriff of the county and did much to kep this a lawabiding community. The "gun men" of the West knew him and that there would be little chance of their intimidating him. For the average "gun man" is not a man who is a killer because he is quicker than others on the draw but because he is trlckier and because he intimidates officers of the law. G. N. had been in the camps of the pioneers all over the West. He had met the bad men of Dodge City, of Sargent and of the mining camps of Colorado and always he had been on the side of decency and right. He was never known to be afraid and the bad men were afraid of him because they knew he was not afraid of them.

None of the Moses boys have ever been apologetic or timid. They have been true to their convictions but they have done what they believed to be right regardless of the opinion of others.

An instance of G. N.'s boyhood will show considerably the trend of his character. As a boy of 7 or 8 he was out getting nuts with a couple of his sisters when a woman who was a terror of the neighborhood when it came to demanding what she called her rights came upon them and attempted to frighten the children and did succeed in scaring the little girls pretty badly. G. N.'s anger blazed forth and he dared the woman to come any nearer to attempt to take the sack of nuts which she claimed. He drove her back and took the booty home for booty it was. And throughout his life the dominant trait has been to help others and to take the side of the oppressed. Hundreds of stories might be written about this side of the man't nature.

He was a born leader and though not seeking leadership was naturally selected for this in most enterprises in which he engaged. If he believed a cause was worthy he followed it strong in the assurance of its success sometimes to his financial disadvantage. Nat

charlie horse t shirt

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